Florida Native Wildflowers

Florida Native Wildflowers

Wildflowers from Locally Collected  Seed, Liner/Plugs, 4" and 1 gallon 

We are doing some growing!

Will resume shipping orders on the online store at the end of July.

Stay Safe and prepare areas and weed until we reopen ❤️

The online store for shipping is CLOSING on June 26th to grow new stock. We will REOPEN July 23rd, 2020.

Pesticide Free Plants


Live plants are shipped on Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesday UPS ground 

Butterfly Host 

Plant Native Habitat. 

Support our pollinators. 

Germination mix shipped with seeds. 

Follow planting instructions below. 

Let us know you are having success.

Email floridanativewildflowers@gmail.com 


Support Pollinators

Planting Instructions

Add Soil to Pot

Add soil to pot or plant in direct parent soil in beds.

Add Germination Mix

Top Dress with Germination mix in a pot or on top of parent soil in bed.

Add Fresh Seeds from Packet

Add seeds from packet and water gently.  Keep moist in partial sunlight until germination then move in full sun and keep watered until established.