Florida Native Wildflowers

Florida Native Wildflowers

Shipping 4” pots, liners, seeds, and 1 gallon
Florida Native Plants grown at our nursery.

Week of March 4th items may ship on Tuesday and Wednesday

Celebrating 5 years of online sales. Thank you to all our customers. Seed orders and 4" pots 10% off (15.00 minimum) plus 10.00 flat rate shipping. Sale ends March 3rd.

1 gallon plants will add shipping cost.

More inventory come spring.

Pesticide Free Plants

Packages are shipped on Monday and Tuesday.

Solar Powered Facility

Butterfly Host 

Plant Native Habitat. 

Support our pollinators. 

Germination mix available 

Follow planting instructions below. 

Let us know you are having success.

Email - floridanativewildflowers@gmail.com 

 Pictured: Spiderwort with honeybee

Support Pollinators

Planting Instructions

Add Soil to Pot

Add soil to pot or plant in direct parent soil in beds.

Add Germination Mix

Top Dress with Germination mix in a pot or on top of parent soil in bed.

Add Fresh Seeds from Packet

Add seeds from packet and water gently.  Keep moist in sunlight, water until established.
If you are storing seeds, keep in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator.